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A leader of a terrorist organization is welcomed in Strasbourg

On Monday, October 1, 2007, Maryam Rajavi, the self appointed next president of Iran and the leader of the terrorist religious cult of mohahedin-e khalq of Iran was invited by the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) Parliamentary Group to speak at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

This marked a dark day for the legitimacy and credibility of the EU. Indeed, inviting Maryam Rajavi goes against the very core principles of democracy and its practice. Mrs. Maryam rajavi and her organization which she represents have never stood by any of her claim of a believer in democracy and human rights. She simply speaks what she believes people want to hear without ever backing those words with actions.

She, along with her organization is responsible for the killings of hundreds of innocent Iranians in the years 1982 to as recent as 2003. One of the key reasons for today’s brutal conditions in Iran is in part thanks to the mohajedin and their role in supporting a violent means to an end and legitimizing crackdown by the Iranian regime.

They have for two decades been the long arm of Saddam Hussein in his terror against his own people as well his neighbors. They acted as the 5th division of Saddam Hussein’s army in waging war against Iran (1980-1988) and the repression and killing of kurds and shias in Iraq.


This organization has a long history in repressing and killing of their own members as evidenced in human right report (NO EXIT: Human Rights Abuses inside MKO Camps) as well as sworn testimonies by former members.



As an effect, the invitation of such an individual is stains the EU parliament and its member who approved of this meeting and therefore must answer of their true intentions.

To use the mojahedin as some sort of a triumph card against the Iranian regime shows the lack of understanding of the Iranian psyche and the role that mojahedin plays in this part. It is a proven fact that the mojahedin hold no real support amongst the Iranian people and is seen as a traitorous group who in the past has allied with Iran’s enemy and now deliberately and behind the scene calls for attack on Iran by US forces. The regime in Iran has long since stopped looking at Mojahedin as a threat and only use them as a mean to legitimate their continued oppression of dissident voices amongst the populace.

Let’s not forget that the mojahedin continue to be listed as a terrorist organization by most of the western government and is listed in Interpol wanted list.


The only way EU and the world at large can help the Iranian people is to support and speak out in favor the true democratic voices within Iran and their struggle for a democratic Iran.

Karim Haggi Moni – Iranpeyvand  – Oct 8, 2007

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