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Death of Another Member of the MKO’s Leadership Council

Premature deaths are among most critical challenges many of cults encounter. The cult of Mojahedin is not an exception. Only a few days after death report of Faezeh Daneshvar, a member of the MKO’s Leadership Council, another compeer, Zohere Ghobari, was reported to have met her death after a sever apoplexy. She was only 46 and was heading a MKO’s HQ in Europe when she died. No report was released by the organization on her death.

The remarks of Batool Soltani, a separated member of MKO and once a member of  Leadership Council, on the death of many female members indicates the internal critical crises in the organization that is critically in need of maintaining its experienced rankings:

The tragic death of some of the members of the MKO’s Leadership Council who were presumed to be hegemonic leads in MKO well indicate victimization of women in the organization. A number of these deaths include suicides of Mehri Moussavi and Minoo Fath-ali, Mahin Amini who died of cancer, Zahra Noori working in intelligence section, Hamideh Kozehgar and Nasrin Parsian both died in car accident, Sedigheh Mojaveri who committed self-immolation in Paris, Simin Feizbakhsh, Naghmeh Hakimi and Ziba Daneshvar and much more.

As a former member of the MKO’s Leadership Council, Mrs. Soltani has been aBatul Soltani witness of different forms of physical and psychological pressures imposed on women inside MKO:

Physical and psychological pressures inflicted over MKO’s rank and file and particularly on the opponent members is so crushing that these members end in a variety of physical and psychological afflictions which, of course because of the cultic atmosphere, remain unattended of the least medical care.

The only working measure to relive women of their critical condition within MKO is an overall interfere by international humanitarian organizations and that is what Mrs. Soltani urges:

All the international organizations and human rights activists must be alerted of the members’ critical physical and psychological condition in Rajavi’s destructive cult and they do have to interfere to rescue them of physical and mental slavery.

There are also reports of another female member, Sima Dadjoo, living in a serious condition after undergoing a number of surgeries.

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