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Terrorist Mojahedin Khalq Asked to Clarify

"Verdana","sans-serif"; mso-fareast-font-family:”>Reported by MKO’s official website, in an official letter to Iraqi Parliament the group has asked “to attend the Iraqi Parliament’s open session in order to clarify before the honest Iraqi people by presenting evidences and documents”. It is not a bad thing to clarify existing ambiguities but trying to make justification for certain crimes and atrocities is another thing.

"Verdana","sans-serif"; mso-fareast-font-family:”>We are thinking what evidences MKO can present to gainsay its close collaboration with the ousted dictator who funded them and granted them the deserted military camp of Ashraf to rebuild it a ‘city’; its espionage and military activities, the operation Eternal Light as the group openly boasts, against Iranian people; its accomplice with Saddam’s notorious intelligence service and military units to suppress the insurgent Iraqi Kurds and riding over their bodies commanded by Maryam Rajavi; its free move into Iranian POWs camps to incite them join the group against all international conventions and aiding the security forces in their interrogations and tortures while the ICRC was under sever limitation for its supervision; its maintaining several cells within the horrible Abu-Ghoraib prison for the chastisement and harassment of its own insiders; its numerous meetings with Saddam and other high ranking Iraqi authorities to express loyalty and strengthening mutual brotherhood as well as demanding for logistic aids; its present intelligence collaboration with coalition and the US forces; its recurrent interfering in Iraq’s domestic affairs and organizing unapproved gatherings in Camp Ashraf; its close ties with pro-Saddam anarchists and other insurgent and terrorist groups that cultivate further national discordance and foster ethnic and regional conflicts; and much, much more instances.

"Verdana","sans-serif"; mso-fareast-font-family:”>Does MKO think that the evidences for the mentioned atrocities are missing or the Iraqi people have forgotten about its deeds? Of course, as the world is aware, MKO leaders are masters of fabricating justifications and have the answers ready up their sleeves. A look at the presented evidences before POAC to justify a long history of perpetrating terrorism suffices. The Iraqi government’s decision to expel the group from the country and recognizing it a terrorist entity never changes under any justification and what the terrorists call ‘clarification’.

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