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Mojahedin exploit Iraqi bombing victims

Mojahedin exploit Iraqi bombing victims to secure their own political asylum

It seems that some day Mojahedin resolve to register the names of the 13 killed innocent Iraqi workers, who worked in Ashraf City, in the list of the member martyrs killed for the cause of Mojahedin’s cult. Following a roadside bomb explosion on May 29, 13 Iraqi workers were killed and 15 more were wounded. The victims have ever since, however, been feeding the Mojahedin’s propaganda machine to secure the cult’s protected status and, if possible, ensure political asylum.

Some Western figures are quoted by Mojahedin to have urged Iraqi government to take necessary steps to ensure the security and safety of Camp Ashraf. All these figures seem to have only put their signature under a Mojahedin’s prearranged letter because they all write and say the same thing. Look at the last paragraph of the letter by Tunne Kelam, the Estonian member of the European Parliament:

“Considering the fact that Ashraf residents have the status of protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention and according to international law. I believe it is time that the Iraqi government grants PMOI personnel in Ashraf political asylum."

And the Polish member of the European Parliament:

I would like to use this occasion to urge your Excellency to reiterate on the rights of the PMOI personnel in Iraq and make sure that they are granted political asylum in Iraq."

There are a lot more reported daily by Mojahedin’s sponsored websites.

Mojahedin.ws –  08/06/2006

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