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Where Mujahedin Khalq is destined to settle?

If the Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) is forced to weigh anchor from Iraq, since the Iraqi government is decisive to expel the group as once France did, it has to drop it in another country; it has already succeeded to drop it partly in France although not officially consented and announced neither by French government nor the organization. In fact, the organization needs to root in a country to survive, as it has already survived in Iraq for so long within its Ashraf cult-like enclave.

In spite of many current controversies and concerns that the group’s members would be sent to Iran to face trial for numerous terrorist atrocities if the Iraqi government holds the control of Camp Ashraf, a duty more on the shoulders of legal international tribunals investigating war and terrorist crimes, Iran seems to be unveiling to receive and tackle with so many ideologically potential terrorist forces that need thought reformation and have to go under a process of treatment for psychological or physical traumas before being sent into the society. No doubt, it would lead the organization to the precipice of absolute demise and that is why the organization is already protesting an improbable decision through a widespread international propaganda blitz.

Now at the service of world powers that walk on a war path with Iran, MKO will be probably granted a camp of refugees. Will it be a Western country? Of course not, since none of them is willing to risk its internal security. Despite given protections, the world has witnessed MKO’s acts of violence, meddling and espionage wherever it has been settled. Even the strictly imposed controls of French anti-terrorist forces could not cease potential terrorist and cult threats of the group settled in Auvers-sur-Oise when it came to display its real cult nature through setting member ablaze in Paris streets.

The courageous deed by the French government to handcuff terrorists who tried to turn Auvers-Sur-Oise into a bastion of terrorist plots worked as a blueprint for the Iraqi government to follow in order to have more control over Camp Ashraf. Being kept on terrorist lists or removed by some certain country does not necessarily mean that the countries where MKO members are officially, or under political refugees, residing have changed their views on the group; they are known to be terrorists and cultist above all and no country trust them to be freely moving here and there.

Restrictions imposed on the organization in France and Iraq, where it holds two bases, has actually checked group’s political and propaganda activities more or less. All these lead to a third supposition that the group would be relocated to the US as refugees. Although the US is supporting MKO to utilize it against Iran, however, it has never come to terms with the organization to recognize it an alternative for Iran’s current ruling order.

But MKO’s settlement in the US requires another decision: abandoning group’s designation as a terrorist organization. Of course, such a decision would cause the greatest controversy not only amongst the ruling administration but also amongst different political parties as well as national and social communities. It would be a logical and rational question to ask whoever delist MKO that how a group long occupying notorious rank of terrorists comes to be removed from the list and, above all, turns into a most favorite opposition group permitted to settle in the country. Then, where the terrorist cult is destined to settle?

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