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MKO Terrorists feel for the victimizer

It is unfortunate to hear every few days a new story of terrorism and acts of extremism hits the news in which a number of innocent civilians are targeted and perished. It is not important to which country or race the victims belong; they are all humans and terrorism has to be condemned in any form. Of the most despised form is when instead of condemning the act itself, a party takes it an opportunity to blame another party to acquit itself of the deed, regardless of having played a role in the incident, or the main perpetrators to whom it has close affinity or glorifies their atrocity.

Reported by Iranian Fars News Agency originally in Persian, a man riding a bike hurled grenade toward a line of civilians who were moving as mourners of Ashura rituals in the Iranian eastern city of Torbat Jam on January 7, leaving a dead and a number of people wounded. The attacker was, however, arrested and awaits the trial and the punishment that he deserves regardless of to what group it belongs. But to hear a terrorist group that has shed the blood of hundreds of Iranian innocent people and has still escaped trial being sympathetic towards the attacking terrorist is absolutely intolerable.

Covering the report of the incident, the MKO-run media is taking the side of the attacker putting the blame on Iranian regime. It is not at all important that a man has been killed and many injured but what is of significance for them is that the regime is claimed to be “plotting to execute prisoners and dissidents”. Is it actually a granted permission to dissidents and opponents to kill people as a justified means to achieve their ends as MKO has followed the line itself? How can the group expect to be delisted from the terrorist lists when it still glorifies terrorism as an appropriate method to fight the opponent party? The Western advocates of the group who believe that MKO has denounced terrorism and violence are recommended to read between the lines of the reports delivered by MKO.

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