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MR.ABRISHAMCHI is the second important personality in the male command section after MASSOUD RAJAVI in PMOI. He is one of the long time members of PMOI with more than thirty years record of service and partnership in this organization. He had spent many years in SHAH’s prison during shah’s sovereignty in Iran. He has an important role in PMOI’s affairs especially in the absence of PMOI’s charismatic leader MASSOUD RAJAVI.


He is ex- husband of MARYAM AZDANLO[ Maryam Rajavi ], who got divorced to get married to MASSOUD RAJAVI in an ideological event, which is known as the ideological revolution. He is totally against western countries’ politics specifically the US- government. He believes that the only way to reach to the true and genuine freedom and democracy is the destruction and annihilation of Imperialism led by the USA. He was the main political mediator between SADDAM HUSSEIN’s government and PMOI. He and MR. ABBAS DAVARI and MR. MEHDI BARAIEE were a team designated by MASSOUD RAJAVI to handle all political and military affairs from PMOI’s side with the dictator of Iraq.
He believes in MASSOUD RAJAVI as a prophet and a representative of God on earth. For that reason he agreed to hand his wife MARYAM AZDANLO over to MASSOUD RAJAVI and watched them get married. He is too devoted to MASSOUD and he worships him and he believes MASSOUD will take him and the rest of PMOI’s combatants to God’s promised paradise after their death. MR. ABRISHAMCHI in his task as a mediator and go between had handed over many of PMOI’s combatants who separated from PMOI, to Iraqi secret police during SADDAM HOSSEIN’s sovereignty, to be exchanged with Iraqi soldiers who were captured by Iranian army in Iran – Iraq war. SADDAM HUSSEIN was paying him and his organization very good money for this transaction. MR. ABRISHAMCHI believed in execution and assassination of the dissidents who wanted to secede and separate from PMOI. He believes in armed struggle and knows it as the only solution to conquer and defeat all kinds of enemies who are against his ideology and the PMOI’s commander in chief, MASSOUD RAJAVI.
This man is very dangerous for European people especially French and Americans. While the catastrophic event of 9/11 happened in USA, MR ABRISHAMCHI congratulated MASSOUD RAJAVI and MARYAM RAJAVI (AZDANLO) in the big gathering of PMOI in Iraq. He mentioned that the destruction of the TWIN TOWERS in USA is a big sign of decomposition and annihilation of USA. He adored those who carried out such an attack. MR. ABRISHAMCHI had a significant and important role in suppressing and killing Iraqi people especially KURDS during the uprising of Iraqi people against SADDAM HUSSEIN. He as a mediator was receiving orders from SADDAM HUSSEIN’s military generals to give to NATIONAL LIBERATION ARMY (NLA) to destroy and demolish any resistance from Iraqi people. MR. ABRISHAMCHI is currently living in FRANCE. He is taking advantage of your freedom and democracy to propagandize his cultish ideology which believes in annihilation and destruction of any thoughts and believes which are against PMOI’s ideology, politics and platforms.
I as a victim of this barbaric cult, would like to inform you and your government that he and the rest of PMOI in FRANCE are very dangerous and they are capable of creating horrifying and horrendous scenes like they did in 2003 in Paris. At the end, I would like to reiterate, do not trust any snake especially MR. MEHDI ABRISHAMCHI.

A victim of RAJAVI’s cult

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