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Open letter to Director of the International Lawyers

Honorable and Distinguished Director of the International Lawyers Organization MR.SOBHASH CHANDRA BIRLA

I am one of the former long time members and a veteran of this cult (PMOI) . Iblank had been living and working with them for almost two decades. I know them perfectly and I would like to inform you about some facts which exist in this cult. I read your concern about ASHRAF garrison and its residents. You said that “conversion of ASHRAF garrison to a prison, is considered as a war crime.”

Actually , the war crime that you mentioned has already happened and occurred in this cult since long time ago. The leaders and operatives of this cult had participated and co- operated fully with the SADDAM’s suppressive forces in annihilation and destruction of any Iraqi people’s just-struggle during Iraq national and popular uprising against SADDAM HUSSEIN and his government as a result of that many Iraqi people got killed and perished. Killing of Iraq innocent people in co- operation with Iraq dictator is called war crime, and the people who does such a act are called war criminals. I would like to draw your attention to another fact which substantiates and proves that war crime has happened inside of this cult. The people who have been stranded in this cult since long time ago , have been deprived of having access to Foreign Radios and TV programs , internet and mobile. We were not allowed to get in touch with our family and loved ones through mail or phone till the fall of SADDAM HUSSEIN. Many people who could not tolerate the harsh conditions and daily suppressions committed suicide .Many dissidents were turned over to Iraq authorities during SADDAM HUSSEIN’s reign and spent many years in horrendous situation in notorious prison, ABU GHORIB. Many of those in ABU GHORIB got swopped with Iraqi POWs in Iran.

Many, such as MR. SAEED KIYANI and MR. SAEED NOROZI,…… got killed suspiciously and mysteriously inside this cult.

I as a victim of this cult urge you and your organization to help those who need your help in this cult . Help them to have a second chance to choose what they really want. Help them to return to their lost lives once more and revive it .

Hassan piransar, iranpeyvand

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