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Warnings that frustrate Mojahedin Khalq

The already made comments on Auver-Sur-Oise seem to have worried Mojahedin greatly to the point that has made Mr. Amir Aram, a member of NCRI, to ignore the ethical codes and to desperately devote almost half of his 600-words article to badmouthing and use of bad language against the authors of these comments. He has totally disregarded the fact that he is living just in the centre of one of the greatest civilizations of the world and hometown of those like Hugo and Rolland, etc that were symbols of art and decency. It seems that Mr. Aram is far from all these aspects. The deep anger of Mojahedin and other artists of NCRI like Hamid Taherzadeh against a few simple notes imply the significance of this issue for MKO’s leadership. We are not concerned about the abusive language used by Mr. Aram and his fellows since commonly all critics of Mojahedin have to bear some consequences like hostile reactions and cliché swearwords in MKO websites. In fact, the criterion of significance of an issue for Mojahedin is the extent to which they initiate propaganda blitz around it.

Disregarding the insults of Mr. Aram, the reaction of the organization under the banner of NCRI and the writings of its members like Hamid Taherzadeh signify some points that confirm our claims about Mojahedin haven in France. In an article entitled “The objective of intelligence ministry of mudslinging against Auver-Sur-Oise” Taherzadeh has tried to pervert the claims in some points to achieve his own objectives. But he also brings up accusations that has never been mentioned and accounts for them.

To the best of my knowledge, we have never claimed that the high walls of the fortress and high voltage barbed wires around have surrounded dissident Mojahedin. And that there are numerous dissident Mojahedin kept in its dark dungeons. There is no doubt that Auver-sur-Oise has captured MKO members by means of cultic mechanisms and brainwashing techniques. However, the presence or absence of these dungeons has hardly ever been mentioned in our articles since it is an irrelevant issue. We argue that Auver-sur-Oise has turned into the second Camp Ashraf for Mojahedin following their imminent expulsion from Iraq and their willingness to reside therein. In other words, the ideological bastion of Mojahedin is to be relocated to Auver-sur-Oise. Finding the characteristics of this camp is very easy since there is no difference between Mojahedin’s two ideological bastions in Iraq and France. Our main warning is that the transfer of Ashraf residents to Auver-sur-Oise may have inevitable costs and negative consequences for French officials that are to be anticipated and prevented in due time before being late.

The second point is concerned with the security systems of Auver-sur-Oise and its equipments like high voltage barbed wire. It has been denied by Hamid Taherzadeh whereas this is not a claim made just by Mojahedin critics and dissidents yet even Mojahedin themselves have maneuvered on these features of Auver-sur-Oise and crow about their achievements therein. Their publications are full of these points to the extent that there is no need for our review. However, some instances describing the security systems of their fortress in Auver-sur-Oise are mentioned here. All these excerpts are quoted in Mojahedin journals and publications.

According to Italian News agency (ANSA) and DAP:

He (Rajavi) was speaking in one of the reception rooms of his dwelling in Auver-sur-Oise in Paris suburb that was surrendered by barbed wire and French police officers. A place where no one (even the insiders) can enter unless fully inspected and under highly control measures. 1

As noted by another Italian reporter, the main residence of the Rajavis and the highly imposed drastic security measures even for the group’s members is described as:

His [Rajavi’s] dwelling in Auver-sur-Oise, in the Parisian suburbs, is much like a fortress. There is a high wall keeping it concealed from suspicious looks. There are high voltage barbed wires around as well as searchlights on the walls illuminating the surroundings. The road to Massoud Rajavi’s villa (leadership centre) is controlled by two French check-points equipped with machine guns. The only entrance to villa is guarded by Mojahedin forces themselves. 2

In addition, Mojahed quotes the Germany national broadcasting and writes:

There were some impedimenta in our path to his [Rajavi’s] dwelling, 4 kms to northwestern Paris. The park therein was not well landscaped; the area was surrounded by barbed wires charged with high voltage… 3

Also it has been written:

Mojahedin as the most active resistance group and one of best organization, control and inspect reporters and their instruments carefully by magnetometer and sometimes search them too. 4

The significant point is that in the recent article of the organization by Mr. Taherzadeh, the case of 17 June 2003 of Maryam Azdanlu has been referred to and he says that France has kept it in cold storage. Its legal meaning is that they are still pursuing the accusations of the dossier and have the trial of its defendants on the agenda. This is exactly what we said. We warned French officials to take the crimes recorded by DST into consideration and prohibit future incalculable misdeeds of Mojahedin channeled from their headquarters in Auver-sur-Oise. This dossier shows that the position of France against Mojahedin has remained unchanged and France is acting more prudently in this regard. Also, as it is included in the DST report, Mojahedin in their communiqués of their so-called military-political phase have assumed the responsibility of more than hundreds of terrors committed inside Iran from their command centre in Auver-sur-Oise.

The next issue in these comments was that the destiny of Camp Ashraf would be clear in the near future and their expulsion from Iraq is inevitable. Therefore, Mojahedin, being aware of this, make their utmost efforts to postpone the consequences of this event that may endanger their position in Auver-sur-Oise as well as their transfer to France. As we said, making much maneuver and propaganda blitz on Camp Ashraf aims at distracting the attention of the world from Auver-sur-Oise and what happens therein. Now, after the determination of the destiny of Camp Ashraf, the same maneuvers are concentrated on Auver-sur-Oise. The call of Mojahedin for supporting Auver-sur-Oise and defending it is in this regard aiming at immunizing it by the lever of threat. However, Auver-sur-Oise is much more important for Mojahedin compared to Camp Ashraf hence when asked of the possibility of suicide attacks of Mojahedin in the Europe, Bijan Niyabati said: “It is unlikely as long as the Mojahedin leadership is not intruded…”. 5

The reaction of the organization against these articles under the alias of NCRI members is a proof of their significance and the truth lying behind them. If our statements and warnings were false, there was no need for Mojahedin to take this hostile and harsh position against them.

Mojahedin have transferred their key figures that consists of more than a half of members of leadership council and now is to transfer the remnant members of this council as well as its body, i.e. rank-and-files from Camp Ashraf. It has to be pointed out that Mojahedin threatened French officials of self-immolation and suicide attacks once before the events of 17 June 2003 in 1987 when a group of MKO members illegally transferred to Gabon were arrested. Finally, they managed to make French officials withdraw and Maryam Rajavi addressed French officials, saying:

Last year during the departure [expulsion of Masoud Rajavi], all events came to pass in absolute silence. It seems that this silence and firm discipline of Mojahedin at that time led many to a false conclusion… This year we had numerous requests for self-immolation too that were prohibited by the order of Masoud and the concerned officials are well aware of them… Anyway, this move by the fighters of liberation army is one of the greatest operations all over the world. 6

Maryam Rajavi sent her indirect warning to French officials and then she fulfilled her promise of terrorist activities in 17 June 2003 when she managed to turn Paris streets to the scene of the most reactionary practices of a cult of personality. It may provide sufficient evidence for our true efforts in alerting the world and France in particular to a potential cultic danger.


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