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Agents of crimes in Ashraf held solidarity in Paris

Holding ceremonies on ridiculous occasions, with the presence of tarnished guests in Auver Sur d’Oise is just a resort for political show-off and it is never worth to discuss but Maryam Rajavi and her flatterers’ speeches are worth to discuss, while Ashraf residents are at the edge of Rajavi’s armed strategy (treason and spying);in the worst possible situation, they are compensating for Maryam Rajavi and her clandestine husband.

The most controversial statement in Maryam Rajavi’s speech on the occasion of solidarity ceremony for the killed residents of Ashraf is this one:”I wish I were with you”. This statement was said in the most deceitful manner in order to incite the audience’s emotions. She is absolutely the best student of Massoud Rajavi’s class. For further complaining, in her show, she continues:
“These days, in every minute and every moment, I wonder what I am doing here; why I am not in Ashraf with you to accompany you in this prideful, sacred, splendid struggle.”

Definitely the question that is posed here is that: what stops you (Maryam and Massoud) going to Ashraf? Why did you prefer to escape from the camp rather than staying with other residents after American invasion to Iraq?

Do you really wish to be in Ashraf now?!!!

Don’t you remember what you said in your last meeting in Ashraf before all the residents (a few days before American invasion to Iraq in 2003) ? Didn’t you say that you should stay with your fighters until the last moment? But a few months later you were in France?

The residents of Ashraf didn’t know that you fled to France until you were arrested by French police.

Although your so-called respectful foreign guests have no idea of your unstable strategy during four–decade history of your cult and they are good sympathizers for you, as an ex-member of MKO,I would like to clarify that your insistence to stay in Camp Ashraf is not for the lives of the member but for the survival of your last executive arm since the loss of Ashraf base in Iraq equals the political death of Rajavi’s cult. And those rented respectful European and African audience will not accept your nonsense any more.

By the way, if you are so concerned about Khalq’s children in Ashraf, why haven’t you planned for their respectful departure from Iraq months after Iraqi government’s ultimatum for their expulsion from Iraq?

If you feel so pity for Ashraf residents, why did you order them to go on hunger strike?

Why didn’t you order your companions in Auver to go on hunger strike?

We declare that despite your claims of support for Ashraf residents, you are ready to cause more members to die for political survival of your cult and for achievement of your notorious intentions. The massacre of Ashraf residents is because of suicide operations, hunger strike or Iraqi Police raid …

Based on our past experiences, we reveal that for MKO leaders, members’ lives have no value!!!
Unfortunately, the proof of our testimony is the mass murders of a large number of MKO members during political phase which ended with the acceptance of Velayat – e- Faqih (Islamic Republic Regime) by Massoud Rajavi and his letter to Majles-e-Khobregan (Experts Council) and Maryam Rajavi’s suggestion for returning to Iran. The whole MKO’s strategy ended with Massoud and Maryam’s confession that they have been in the wrong way for thirty years, while they were victimizing Iranian children.

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