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Series of Batool Soltani interviews on MKO self-immolations

An interview with Batool Soltani on MKO self-immolations
In a new round of interviews with Batool Soltani, she discloses new facts on self-burning operations in MKO

A précis of parts 35-36 – Preparedness for suicide, a prerequisite for MKO operations

A précis of parts 33-34 – Camp Ashraf, MKO’s political excuse in the West

A précis of parts 31-32 –Urgency of safeguarding Camp Ashraf at any price

Part 30 – Hierarchical administration of information within MKO

Part 29 – Primacy of death and violence in the ideology of MKO

A précis of parts 27-28 – Human shield in defense of Ashraf

Part 26 – Neda had been tutored from the childhood

Part 25 – Defining an organizational jargon

Part 24 – The members were coerced into dedicating themselves to Massoud and Maryam

Part 23 – Neda’s family feeling obligated to the organization

Part 22 – 17 June immolations, orchestrated or willful acts

Part 21 – 17 June immolations and the test of commitment

Parts 19-20 – MKO Abuse of Neda and Sedigheh’s death

Part 18 – Rajavi; self-burnings were not enough, you should have sacrificed more

Part 17 – Rajavi; the operations have higher potentialities to utilize

Part 16 – Rajavi; you were derelict in performance of your duty to save Maryam

Part 15 – The manipulated approach to spur immolations

Part 14 – Rajavi, self-immolations forces French authorities to withdraw

Part 13 – Rajavi’s interpretation of the holy and foul suicide

Part 12 – Weekly sessions, a process to secure obedience to Rajavi

Part 11 – Rajav’s leadership, the criterion to legitimize the ideology

Part 10 – Execution, the approach to repel dissenters

Part 9 – Rajavi; set your body on fire to defend Ashraf

Part 8 – Human tragedy in prospect; Mojgan Parsai the first volunteer

Part 7 – Suicide operation, a lever to defend Camp Ashraf

Part 6 – The red-line discriminating between word and action in suicide operation

Part 5 – Suicide, the ideal means to safeguard information

Part 4 – Suicide operation, an ultimate solution to security dilemma

Part 3 – No suicide operation unless commanded by the organization

Part 2 – Suicide operation; a solution or sidestepping it

Part 1 –  A Definition of suicide operations

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