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Call for Rescue of Camp Ashraf patients

Rajavi’s Cult prevents members’ leaving the Camp for medical treatment in Baghdad.

According to the latest information on Camp Ashraf, the Camp leaders do not permit the residents who suffer serious diseases to leave the camp in order Rajavi's Cult prevents members' leaving the Camp for medical treatment in Baghdad.that they are able to receive treatment in Baghdad hospitals. The leaders are especially crucial about those members who are considered as "problematic ". They fear the possibility of their escape in case of their departure from the isolated garrison of Ashraf.

For instance the reports show that Iraqi doctors have insisted on transfer of Ms. Elham Fardipour to hospital but the leaders of the cult procrastinate to send her to hospital since her runaway as a member of Leadership Council might reveal confidential information of the group’s internal relationships.

There are some residents who have been diagnosed of cancer but they are not allowed to go under proper treatment in hospital.


In some cases, MKO leaders have used a trick to prohibit the patient’s escape and to watch him all the time in order that his information on inside of the Camp is not infiltrated by any one. They send to the hospital another member – a more reliable one – with him. The supervisor has to monitor the patient otherwise the group might lose the member.

The bottom line is that barring the prisoners from receiving medical care is a war crime and should be brought into justice in war criminal court. The reports show that several members have so far died in Ashraf Garrison due to lack of proper medical treatment.

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