Elmar Brok for early relocation of Camp Ashraf residents

The International community and the Iraqi government have to guarantee the safety and well being of the residents of camp Ashraf, says Mr. Elmar Brok, chairman foreign affairs committee.

The plan by the UN to temporarily relocate the residents of camp Ashraf to a safer location, where the UN will be able to check whether they are entitled to refugee status, is definitely the first step in the right direction, Brok said in s statement issued here.
Mr. Elmar Brok, chairman foreign affairs committee.
“Yesterday I met Mr Kobler, the UN special representative for Iraq. He assured me that this new camp and its facilities meet international humanitarian standards and that the UN is ready to deploy monitors to ensure that the residents are relocated safely,” he added.

“I therefore appeal to the leadership of the camp to engage in this process without delay and I call on the government of Iraq, which has a clear responsibility to respect human rights and humanitarian law, to organise and agree the transport arrangements and other related issues with the residents without delay,” he added.

Relocation to this temporary camp and determination of the residents’ refugee status are the necessary first steps towards resettlement in other countries.

“For my part, I will continue to monitor the situation and have I invited Mr Kobler to address the Committee on Foreign Affairs at the earliest opportunity,” he added.

By Shahid Abbasi – thenewstribe.com


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