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The only way-out of this crisis is the arrest of Rajavis!

Open letter of Mr. Homayoun Kahzadi to Secretary-General of the United Nations Honorable Mr. Ban Ki moon

Secretary General of the United Nations , Mr. Ban Ki moon Mr. Homayoun Kahzadi


You have done all your efforts for the captives in the notorious and infamous castle , Ashraf, but this terrorist cult even vis a vis you who are the highest official in the United Nations do the disobedience and the revolt.

This is the second time in the past two weeks that you as Secretary General of the United Nations have demanded the people’s mujahedin organization to respect the Iraqi regulations and rules of law and evacuate Ashraf on time . Meanwhile you have advised the Iraqi government to stay committed to their human rights commitments but this cult continues its resistance.

Even Mr. Martin Kobler , the head of united nations’ board who around 10 days ago appreciated the Iraqi government’s deed and criticized the people’s mujahedin organization about their delay and weakness in evacuation of Ashraf , he was accused by people’s mujahedin organization of cooperation and collaboration with the Iraqi and Iranian government to annihilate the residents of Ashraf. In this regard the Iraqi national security adviser declared on Monday , the expulsion of the residents of Ashraf does not mean necessarily the use of force or arms but vis a vis the deadlock which according to his statement has been begotten by people’s mujahedin organization , he will resort to any option suitable to evacuate Ashraf but this terrorist cult by resorting to the revolt and Rajavi’s hand made and fake excuses does not want to evacuate this castle.

Mr. Ban Ki moon , this confronting-plan with the relocation has been carried out by the direct order of Rajavi himself , and the only objective which this trickster and imposter pursue is to kill the captive members who have been living miserably in this castle for years . Doubtlessly we should say that if those captives had any option and authority , this castle could had been dismantled long time ago but they are under severe pressure and force which do not allow them to decide and think about their future properly.

Mr. Ban Ki moon

To confront with this disobedience and the revolt and for preventing the bloodshed and killing of those stranded members and for the sake of the families of those captives and for the sake of our captive-friends , we are urging you as Secretary General of the United Nations to deploy your representatives to supervise the relocation of the remaining members from Ashraf to liberty camp because this organization does not understand any language except the language of force. The leaders of this organization by their deeds and attitudes want to provoke the Iraqi government and force them to resort to fight and the bloodshed. All the humanitarian organizations and international conventions have been informed that more than half of the residents of Ashraf , have been relocated to the liberty camp and the rest have remained in Ashraf, is not it obligatory and necessary for the remaining members to go to the liberty camp or can the leaders of this cult by bringing fake excuses obstruct in the relocation process ? as we know that this organization does not relocate even one member without his or her commander , so why have all the high ranking officials of this organization been staying in Ashraf?! , in your opinion , is not it one of the Rajavi’s plans? Surely and doubtlessly he has a new plan in his mind .

Mr. Ban Ki moon do not doubt that this terrorist cult will connect you to the Iranian government because this cult does not know another trick because they have even connected us , the former members of this organization , to the Iranian government and according to Rajavis’ ideology the only people who are honest and flawless are the ring-leaders of this cult !

Mr. Ban Ki moon , I as a former and separated member of this cult am urging you to relocate the remaining members ,who do not have any option and authority , from Ashraf to Liberty camp peacefully and without any bloodshed by cooperation with other humanitarian organizations such as the Red –cross and …etc ,and arrest Rajavi through cooperation and collaboration with the Interpol.

In my opinion the only and the best solution for solving this crisis is to arrest Maryam and Massoud Rajavi and surrender them to the justice.

Respectfully ,
Homayoun Kahzadi

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