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Camp Ashraf after evacuation

Photos recently released after evacuation of Ashraf residents:

Salvage Equipments. A number of MKO members remained in the Camp in order to sell them

Guard Station, currently abandoned and ruined

MKO members set all documents and photos on fire before their departure


Dissident members to revenge the group leaders

Lion Statues, at Ashraf gates, stolen from a Park in Kermanshah (a city in the West of Iran)

The MKO leaders had dig a ditch around the Camp to prevent members’ escape

Members who remain in the Camp

Stones used by deceived members to throw at families picketing in front of Ashraf gates.

Conex where families were picketing, damaged by rocks thrown by group members

A metal piece, residents used to throw under vehicles to tear their wheels

Group members guarding at the Camp entry

The area in front of torturing room, the word “HARRASMENT” is seen on the ground.

Torture Room

Torture Room, closed circuit Cameras installed on the ceiling


Camp Ashraf now

White board used for the group working schedule and priorities. Syria is circled s a crucial case for the group agenda

An example of MKO organizational structure:
Each Clothes rope is divided and named for individuals.

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