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Nejat Society supports UN roadmap on Camp Ashraf evacuation

Dear Mr. Kobler,Nejat Society supports UN roadmap on Camp Ashraf evacuation
We are family members of Mujahedin Khalq organization forces. We founded Nejat Society (Salvation Society) about a decade ago. We have worked here to help release our loved ones who are held as hostages in the MKO.

With greetings and respect to you and your colleagues at the United Nations Organization.

Your peaceful actions to avoid violence and bloody conflict between the MKO cult and the Iraqi government in relocating of the group captives to Camp Liberty and eventually to the free world have provoked the group leaders’ anger and wrath against you!

Appreciating you and your honorable colleagues we should mention that your effort for peaceful relocation of 3400 men and women –stranded in the MKO’s cultic thoughts– to Camp Liberty and from there to the free world, is a humanitarian and highly admirable deed. As the families and victims of the cult we know that the cult leadership who has always welcomed bloodshed and tension between cult members and the Iraqi government, do not like your suggested roadmap for camp Ashraf closure and instead of showing their gratitude to you and the United Nations for your endeavors, they have consecutively created spurious and baseless tensions, problems, excuses and obstructions in this peaceful relocation process.

Mr. Ambassador,
We would be pleased to cooperate with the United Nations in their humanitarian commitment to resolve Camp Ashraf issue. The followings are some suggestions to boost the plan:
-All the people at camp Ashraf and Liberty to be interviewed separately and freely with UN and ICRC.
-The residents of Camps Ashraf and Liberty to be allowed to meet their families and friends in a free atmosphere.
-The residents of the camps to be granted the right to choose for their own fate.

Nejat Society

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