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A campaign that Rajavi does not like

A group of Ex MEK members and supporters, started a new campaign in Facebook which has outraged the A campaign that Rajavi does not likeRajavists.
The campaign which was formed after the mortar attack to camp Liberty, has called for immediate replacement of MEK members to safe countries. A request that is against the rajavis will.
It is mentioned in the declaration of the campaign, “We call upon the United Nations and other responsible organizations for the immediate safe transfer of these defenseless political asylums before anymore future attacks.”
Despite the humanitarian nature of the campaign, Rajavi organization has mobilized its member and supporters to accuse founders and members of the campaign to be agents of Islamic Republic of Iran.
One of the founders of the campaign, Mrs. Atefeh Eghbal, is a former high ranking MEK official who left the Iraq based group in mid 90s. Her brother Mohammad Eghbal is still a high ranking MEK official in camp Liberty and is Arabic translator.
According to MEK websites MR. Eghbal has written a public letter to her sister and other campaign activists and accused her of being a traitor as well as insulting her. MEK has showed a huge desire to accuse every ex MEK and other criticizers in order to stop them from writing and talking about MEK.
Despite the efforts of MEK, this small group and their campaign has raised a question among Iranian internet activists that why Ravi`s Organization takes no action to help its members to leave Iraq.
It was commented in the Facebook page of the campaign, “Rajavi claims that he has support of more than 7000 mayors in France and a huge support among members of parliaments in European countries and in America. Why NON of these supports has taken any actions to save members in Iraq?
Meanwhile MEK has called for immediate return to Ashraf, where was given to Rajavists by Saddam and has a better infrastructure for the cult like organization.
An Ex MEK member told Mojahedin Monitor that Rajavi is not willing that its members leave Iraq. They are hoping to remain and return to Ashraf. Rajavi has proved that he is willing to sacrifice its members for his goals.

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