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18 liberty residents fled the Cult of Rajavi

Eighteen individuals who had long been taken as hostages by the Cult of Rajavi, succeeded to escape the MKO Camp Liberty.18 liberty residents fled the Cult of Rajavi

A number of these former MKO members who managed to run their planned escape, submitted themselves to Iraqi authorities. Some others used the opportunity to surrender to UNAMI and UNHCR officials who had come to visit the Camp. They forcefully got on UN vehicles patrolling in camp Liberty and sought refuge.

Among MKO defectors, a high ranking interpreter ,a few superior commanders and a few high ranking members are found. Their names will be released after passing legal procedures.

The recent events demonstrate failure of the Rajavis’ strategy. Following publication of open letters by several members of the MKO including Iraj Mesdaqi, Esmaiel Yaghmaiee, Karim Qasim and Mohammad Reza Rowhani who criticized the group leaders and their functions, the runaway of 18 beloved friends from the cult of Rajavi gives us the hope for salvation of our other friends. 

 By Mohammad Karami

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