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False Letters

Lying, forgery, saying their own words from the other people’s tongue are the tricks that the Rajavi’s cult has always used to survive. These tricks include and cover the entire news and analysis of the cult; but I wish when they used such words, they paid attention to the interests and activities of the cult and its leaders regarding those words.

They have published letters allegedly from the families or members who are in Iran, of which the publishers know the truth better. They know that the so-called letters are falsely made. But what shall we do?! Publishing lies is a part of the hypocrites’ character! I myself am a former member of Rajavi’s cult and I am familiar with some families of whom some members were fighting for Mujahedin and now are separated or are still staying in Camp Ashraf or other countries with the MKO. As a person who has separated from the cult, I have to say that I and the  families I khow haven’t received such letters at all.

By the way, the phrases and sentences brought in these letters never fit the Mujahedin character; for instance in a letter allegedly from Mashad somebody has said that the family affections disappeared and there’s no love or kindness! If that so-called person from Mashad who you are using as a cover to say your own words, has a little information about the relations of the cult, he or she surely knows about the public and forced divorces in the organization and the homeless children separated from parents wondering in different countries. This is the best symbol of violating family as a basic social structure. So say something which has even a minimal element agreeing your interests.

In another letter from Shiraz (of course from Rajavi’s gossipy members) it is written:" they brought a letter against Ashraf members to my house and I tore it… I said: don’t bring us these nonsenses any more" .Suppose that such a letter was written by a Shirazi, again it is against the cult’s propaganda which is constantly talking of palpitation and lack of expressing a critic and idea in Iran! How you gossip that nobody dares to say a word in Iran but the alleged Shirazi dealt with the officials that way. When Ms.Yaganeh who, with Rajavi’s writers dictation, wrote about threat and suppression against families in Iran, which one should we believe? It is obvious that none of them is acceptable since the organization is entirely wrong –founded!!

From the beginning, when Rajavi joined the aggressive force (Saddam Hussein), no Iranian confirmed the organization and it became an important reason for members inside or outside Iran to separate from the MKO. Besides, the families were seeking a track of their captured children in Rajavi’s cult, for years. Therefore, even if they oppose Iran government they welcome Nejat Society or any other organization that helps them get news of their beloveds’ health. Despite the false propaganda of the cult, here in Iran, family, affection and love exist and nobody bothers their foundation. So, poor the cult whose reputation of violating love, instincts and basic human rights was scandalized everywhere.

Be sure that your new tricks have no effect. Get lost.  

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