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Iran Pen Association congratulates the people and prime minister of Iraq

Iran Pen Association congratulates the people and prime minister of Iraq

MEK Cult interference in internal Iraqi affairs is condemned

According to the Iraq’s Independent Election Commission of 22 million Iraqis eligible to vote 62% participated in the elections and the State of the Law coalition led by Mr. Nuri al-Maleki emerged victorious in this crucial election, the first to take place after US troops withdrawal from the country.

Meanwhile, the propaganda apparatus of Rajavi’s Cult did everything possible to derail the process of the elections and carried out a campaign of character assassination against Mr. al-Maleki and other Iraqi officials. The MEK/PMOI had planned to affect the outcome of the election by sponsoring and supporting terrorist groups in Iraq and at the same time publishing letters and articles by its hired pen-agents such as Safi al-Yaseri and Sarmad Abdulkarim.

Despite MEK/PMOI’s intervention on one hand and terrorist crimes of radical groups on the other, the Iraqi people overwhelmingly took part in the election, which we believe is a great victory for the suffering people of Iraq and we congratulate them sincerely.

At a time when the Iraqi Nation makes its first steps towards democracy, the Rajavi Cult spends enormous amount of funds by organizing an aggressive campaign to distort the vital outcome of this election. MEK has also utilized its employees such as Stevenson and Rudi Juliani to carry out directed propaganda against the elected representative of Iraqis. These activities show clearly MEK/PMOI’s interference in the internal affairs of Iraq, which do not comply with any legal or ethical standards.

It is in fact due to this kind of meddling in Iraq that MEK has been coming under gross and growing opposition and pressure from Iraqi groups, some of which have resulted in terrorist attacks against the defenseless members of MEK carried out by radical groups in Iraq. Indeed, the MEK leadership is the one totally responsible for what has happened because of his catastrophic miscalculations and decision making, and more specifically his continuous interference in Iraq.

The Iran Pen Association congratulates the people, prime minister and government of Iraq and wishes Iraq peace, stability and tranquility. We condemn the interventionist and divisive policies of MEK/PMOI and demand the leadership of MEK Cult, Mr. Massoud Rajavi and Mrs. Maryam Rajavi , that instead of plotting such desperate attempts and insisting on remaining in Iraq at any cost and victimizing the captive members in your Cult; try for once to be rational and stop persisting on your gross blunders and transfer these victims from Iraq.

Iran Pen Association



– Office of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maleki

– Embassies of Iraq in Germany and France

– Relevant MPs

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