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The MKO, Why such a reluctance to cover the news of Gaza

Photos of Palestinian children killed by Israeli bombs in Gaza are widely published in media outlets while the propaganda websites of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO) reluctantly cover the Gaza crisis, and most of the times they ignore the whole story. Israeli deadly strikes on civilians in Gaze are totally ignored by the MKO. The group’s media only circulates some trivial news on the crisis.

The MKO’s lack of enthusiasm and sympathy for the slaughter of Palestinians stems from the decade-long alliance of the group with Israeli Intelligence agencies. The notorious alliance includes financial, military, operational and spying cooperation that aims to demonize the Iranian Government. Their purpose is to curtail the nuclear program by any possible means.

According to various reports the allegations on the Iranian nuclear program was actually forged by Israel and then handed to the MKO agents. The most recent account on the Israeli-MKO alliance to deceive the world community was authored by Arron Merat of the VICE News. Merat  confirms that the Iranian nuclear program has been proved peaceful," The two most recent National Intelligence Estimates in 2007 and 2011, representing the best judgments of 16 US spy agencies, concluded that the Islamic Republic is not pursuing nuclear weapons."

As a matter of Fact the NIE report was not able to face the Israeli long-time propaganda to demonize Islamic Republic. "Israel wanted to convince the US that both Israel and the US are facing a major strategic threat in the Middle East, and the source of that threat was an Iran which was embarking on a program of WMDs,” Peter Jenkins, a former British ambassador to the IAEA, explained to Arron Merat. “They were worried that as the Cold War was ending, Israel would cease to be seen in the US, as it had been up to 1990, as a valuable partner in an unstable part of the world.”

The fear mongering Campaign launched by Zionist regime was then paired with the MKO propaganda against Iran. The alleged lab top document on the Iranian nuclear activities – which was then considered as the base for the entire allegations about Iran’s intention to build a nuclear bomb—had originated from the MKO.

Merat once more confirms Gareth Porter’s thoroughly investigated report on the fake Israeli document on Iran’s nuke. He states, "Karsten Voigt, the coordinator of German-North American relations in the German Foreign Office, publically disputed Powell’s remarks, stating that Europe “shouldn’t let their Iran policy be influenced by single-source headlines” and noting that the laptop had in fact come from “an Iranian dissident group” — a veiled reference to the exiled, eccentric Mujahideen al Khalq (MEK) group."

The author notices that in 2013 Voigt clarifies that the MKO was not a credible source. The term "doubtful" was used by Voigt to show the German Intelligence agencies’ concern over the US decision making.

To clarify the close relation between the MKO and Israel Arron Merat notes, "Reports suggest that Israel used the MEK to leak satellite photography of Iran’s Natanz nuclear enrichment facility in a much-publicized scare back in 2002."

He then completes the narrative of this lethal alliance by referring to Seymour Hersh’s well known report on NBC News citing that "Israel financed and trained MEK units that assassinated five Iranian nuclear scientists between 2007 and 2012."

Regarding the deep alliance and mutual services between the MKO and Zionists, the group’s today approach on not covering Israeli atrocities in Gaza is not surprising. The MKO has to preserve its new sponsors after heavy losses it sustained under the collapse of its former sponsor, Saddam Hussein.

Mazda Parsi

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