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MKO and Massacre of Kurd and Turkmen Iraqis

In our region, most of those who celebrated the liberation of Kefri city (from Baathists’ occupation) on March 11, 1991, were our Turkmen neighbors. I can remember well that Peshmerg forces were welcomed by the citizens and everyone was happy. People shouted "down with dictatorship" and didn’t know how to express their happiness. Unfortunately, this happiness didn’t last long in Kefri because the mercenaries of the MKO, backed by the bombardment by Baathists, entered the city and suppressed the happiness of people.

The city resisted against the MKO mercenaries for a long time and many achieved martyrdom but finally these mercenaries and the forces of Saddam occupied the city and Kurd and Turkmen citizens started moving toward the borders of Iran; the army of Saddam started plundering the properties of people and set fire on the library…

Shilan Talibani

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