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More wanted MKO terrorists smuggled to Europe

On Wednesday and Thursday, August 17th and 18th, a group of 155 MKO hostages flied to Tirana, Albania where they are still kept under the severe mind control system of the Cult of Rajavi.
The recent flights included several high-ranking members of the group who are notoriously known for their inhuman attitude against low-ranking members taken as hostages in the cult. These folks have been under the arrest warrant issued by Iraqi government so they fled Iraqi territory by fake identity and passport.
The followings are four of dozens of MKO torturers who have fled Justice and moved to Europe.
Mohsen Siahkolah under the fake name of Hossein Golchian is an old high-ranking member of the cult. He is specialized in bomb making and bombing operations.
Ozra Taleqani under the fake name of Susan Kalaee is an intelligence expert for the MKO. She cooperated with Saddam Hussein’s intelligence in spying operations against Iran during the Iran-Iraq war.
Soheila Shaabani is an intelligence and security agent of the MKO. She has been working for the so-called counter intelligence section of the group. She has labeled several cult members as suspicious and has condemned them of working for Iranian Intelligence. Her victims faced a horrible fate.
Alireza Sadr Hajseyed Javadi was Massoud Rajavi’s personal guard. His physical traits made him a proper element for heading the guarding team of Massoud Rajavi.

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