Three members of the MKO Central Council defect the group in Albania

Three female members of the Mujahedin-e Khalq Central Council (Leadership Council) defected the Cult in Albania, Mr. Karami of Ayaran Website reported.

Two of these women are among senior commanders of the group. They defect the MKO after they were moved from Iraq to Albania.

These three women are held hostages in a clandestine place, according to the report.

Ms. Fatemeh Alizadeh is one of these recently defectors, the two others’ names will be published in a more suitable condition).

Ms. Alizadeh’s family’s attempts to make contact with her have been failed so far, since she has no access to the outside world and is held captive by the Cult.

Alizadeh family has written several letters to Fatemeh and the MKO Cult elements have replied some under the name of Fatemeh.


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