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Terrorist Plotters Have to Leave Iraq

In protest against the Iraqi Prime Minister’s recent statement concerning MKO, the group’s proxies in Western countries have started organizing rallies in a number of European cities. The scant number of the protesters, demonstrated in the reports and pictures of these rallies, indicate that the sympathizers, unlike the heads of the group, have come to understand that nothing might change the will of a nation and its legal government if they are going to decide on the future of their country.

In some banners carried by the protestors, they called for reaffirmation of Mojahedin’s political status in Iraq as they have been residing in that country for some 20 years. The group has never been invited to settle in Iraqi soil nor has been granted political asylum to have any claim at the moment. The protected status they claim to have been offered by the occupying forces invalidates as soon as these forces leave Iraq. Besides that, no power can coerce the legal authorities of a country to submit to an agreement they had no role in its making. The Iraqi Prime Minister has been not the first and won’t be the last to confirm Mojahedin’s expel from Iraq.

Reported by IRNA, at a Friday meeting with Iranian Ambassador to Baghdad, Iraq’s Deputy Interior Minister for Security, Affairs Shirvan Vaeli, talking on the issue of Mujahedin Khalq Organization stated:

"We are now preparing a comprehensive plan which requires approval of the government to expel the MKO from the country by the year end". "We strongly follow up the case because the MKO seeks to hatch plots against the Iraqi nation which has angered the Iraqi people," he underlined.

He further explained that officials at International Committee of the Red Cross and the United States have been informed of the need to take action to drive MKO out of Iraq.

Mojahedin.ws,  July 23, 2006

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