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Camp Ashraf dwellers in need to support their rights

According reports by Mojahedin’s NCRI website, some two hundred Iranians gathered in support of the organization in October 14 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The rally organized under Parviz Khaza’I, MKO’s representative in Nordic countries, was a joint work of three MKO’s aliases, the Iranian Youth Association, Association of Iranian Women in Gothenburg and Association of Iranian Academics.

The scant number of the participants, two hundred is MKO’s own exaggerated number, might indicate that the sympathizers residing in the Western countries cannot be easily deceived by Mojahedin’s advertised demands that only serves to further the organizational objectives rather than being concerned about the plights of members held in Camp Ashraf.

While the leaders voice for reaffirmation of the members’ political refugee status in Iraq and call on the UNHCR and the International Committee of the Red Cross to intervene and guarantee the rights of the members in Ashraf as protected persons, a question is formed that why they never ask the mentioned international bodies to guarantee the rights of these members as free human beings who are deprived of the right to decide for themselves. They do not need rallies to support their rights; if permitted, the free presence an unconditioned intervention of these international bodies ends all these members’ plights.

mojahedin.ws –  21/10/2006

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