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4 people left the MEK in Albania

MEK members in Albania

Three days after the Mujahedin-e Khalq Cult’s propaganda show in France, two members left the group in Albania each with some 39 years of membership in the group.

Siavosh Seifi and Mahmoud Mambini are two individuals who managed to leave the group in Tirana,Albania.

Another two MKO members; Pouria Nouri and Jaafar Aghai, also have left last week, reports say.

Iran Interlink weekly Digest reports the defection of these members asserting:

There are currently fewer than 2100 MEK members in Albania. The disintegration of the group is gaining momentum and formers in Albania predict it will be only a matter of weeks before this figure reaches less than 2000. The acceleration in defections is attributed to ‘the Villepinte effect’. That is, lavish and ostentatious spending while the members in Albania don’t have enough to eat.

Another cause has been Maryam Rajavi’s presentation of the MEK’s precious book of anti-Imperialist martyrs to Senator John McCain as a gift.

The defectors say, ‘we were fooled by Massoud Rajavi all these years but Maryam can’t even do that and only wants to party and show off’.

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