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Predicting the Game Results

A. What’s the players think of?

 1. The White House, looking at terrorist MKO, understands this group’s efforts to copy and conduct the theories of Neo-cons and Israelis, confirms that- as announced by Pentagonists- the members of this group can be used as devotees for US soldiers in any possible attack to Iran.

2. Nuri al-Maliki, facing the request of 5 Congressmen to grant refugee status to the gang of Rajavi, realizes how unaware they are of US policies says to himself “if someone is supposed to give them refugee status, they should tell their president to free Rajavi from prison.” If Maliki finds no reason to take stance against the MKO, detention of Rajavi and American officials’ plan to extradite him to Iran can be good reason for him to claim that no country benefits from giving refuge to the MKO.

3. Al-Mashhadani is not surprised that 11 tribesmen have threatened the Iraqi government and he possibly links it to the genetic characteristics of the tribe, which- like Saddam- is known to have reactionary policies and respects no laws. Meanwhile, he’s sure he will be able to deal with these 11 tribesmen at the right time by relying on an agreement made with the representatives of tribesmen on fighting terrorism.

4. By overturning the above facts, one can get to the ideas of the remnants of Rajavi.


B. Game Results

 1. For Americans, the terrorist gang of Rajavi is only a tool that will be used at the right time.

2. Iraqi is determined to remove terrorist groups from this country. Considering the desire of Iranian and American officials for cracking down on Rajavi’s band, the Iraqi government will surely receive advantages.

3. Saddam supporters and democratic tribesmen! will overtake Nuri Al-Maliki and Hakim for dealing on the MKO. The recent comments of 11 tribesmen on the MKO are only supposed to raise the price and nothing else!

4. The stupid gang of Rajavi is doing its best quietly in order not be dismantled suddenly. All its efforts also only boost the regional power of the Iranian regime. These propagandistic efforts will only lead to the total desperation of US officials and the signs of an American deal with nuclear Iran are visible. In addition, these efforts show that there’s no support for the MKO inside Iran and that Iranians want this group dismantled.

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