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Fatmir Kuci, builder of the Military base in Manez for Mojahedin Khalq

In his show, ‘This is Moscow’, Kastriot Myftaraj has addressed the issue of the Mojahedin (MEK) in Tirana. He identified businessman Fatmir Kuci, as being involved in the Iranian city of Kamza, as Myftaraj calls it.

Myftaraj: As we know, an organization called the People’s Mojahedin of Iran – who have been fighting and wandering around the world for about 40 years – has been given refuge in Albania, where they say they are fighting to overthrow the regime in Iran by force and bring their leader to power in Iran, even though they do not know where Massoud Rajavi is who claims to be the legitimate president of Iran.

On the other hand, his wife Maryam Rajavi – who has taken refuge in Albania – occupies the office of “president-in-exile” instead of the husband. This would be a real comedy, if there were no other consequences.

The Iranian Mujahideen, as we know, have been given refuge in Albania under the US excuse that they have been obliged to protect any possible opposition forces against the theocratic regime of Iran and, as they were left on their hands when Iraq drove them out, they brought them to Albania.

It is a very interesting point that this organization is now building its headquarters in Albania, Manëz military base in Durres.

It is about 20 hectares of land. The vehicles have the name of the construction company, Victoria Invest, written large on them. Which belongs to Mr. Fatmir Kuci, a businessman from Elbasan.

Ora News, Albania, Translated by Iran Interlink

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