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Where’s Rudy Getting the Money?

I mentioned a few days ago that just last March Rudy Giuliani went to Albania to speak before an Iranian exile group which is widely regarded as a cult and was for many years a US-government designated terrorist group. Giuliani is a long-time recipient of money (for speeches and lobbying) from the MEK and its various front groups. (There’s no word yet on what he was paid if anything for the March appearance.)


Did Rudy get paid for this speech, like he has in other cases? How much?

This evening we have news that Giuliani spoke in Washington today before a group called the Organization of Iranian-American Communities and promised that President Trump (for whom Giuliani now works as lead personal lawyer) remains “committed” to regime change in Iran.

I don’t know if Giuliani was paid for this appearance as well. But few if any of the news reports note that the OIAC is a front group for the MeK, the cult group noted above.

It’s not clear to me that as the President’s personal lawyer Giuliani has any disclosure obligations that would reveal his financial ties to the MeK. But he is clearly acting as a representative of the President on Iran policy as well as representing him in the Mueller probe.

By Josh Marshall , talkingpointsmemo.com

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