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Revealed: MKO Political Supporter Helps Al-Qaeda

Friday afternoon, Iraqi and US joint forces rushed to the house of Adnan Al-Dulaimi, one of MKO’s big supporters who has wide secret ties with this group and has been elected due to the financial aids of the group, and found a number of bombed cars and a large cache of explosives in his house.

In this regard, Baha al-Din Al-A’raji, senior member of Iraqi parliament, said:”Baathists and terrorist had plotted for a coup in the past two days.”

“Those behind the issue were well aware that they couldn’t change the current situation with a coup. With the formation of the government and the Ministry of Defense, a coup is not and won’t be possible in Iraq,”he added.

Referring to the bombed cars and the explosives found in Dulaimi’s house, Al-A’raji said:”it’s not possible to execute the proposal of National Reconciliation unless the government itself and the parliament are cleaned of terrorists, Baathists and their agents.”

He also asked for the removal of legal immunity of MPs involved in the issue and said:”Some of the MPs take advantage of this immunity for terrorist operations”.

It should be noted that Adnan Al-Dulaim has had close ties with the MKO in Iraq. Also, Iraqi PM’s earlier comments on the MKO’s interferences in Iraqi affairs proved that MKO was in touch with the head of Iraqi Accord Front and that the group tried, through propagandistic and financial support, to send him to the parliament.

Al-Dulaimi is the only one who supports the illegal presence of terrorist MKO in Iraq, which is along with Saddam policies against Iran.

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