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A Sham President Boycotting Elections

Yesterday, NCRI-run website reported "Despite frantic attempts by the mullahs’ regime to have people vote in the Assembly of Experts elections, all indications show that people have completely ignored the sham elections and responded positively to the call by the Iranian Resistance’s President-elect Mrs. Maryam Rajavi to boycott it".

The elections being sham or anything else, it seems that the organization lacks a sound source of informers inside Iran as well as the exaggerated number of supporters. A slight look at the reports of many TV networks covering the occasion in Iran disproves MKO’s claim of "people have completely ignored the sham elections". It does not mean that we approve whatever passes inside Iran, but we do believe that none of those who drew back to vote were responding to Maryam Rajavi’s boycott.

Herself being the outcome of no legal election but a husband nominated President-elect, first she must prove her own legitimacy then she might call others to boycott any election! What does she really think of people?

mojahedin.ws    16/12/2006

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