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An Alcatraz Named Ashraf

The Israeli sponsored Ynetnews, citing a report by NCRI web-site wherein it distorted an Iranian official’s statement, reports that in Iran "everyday 2,600 people are sent to prison; thus, in a year the figure grows to 1 million," a figure described as an "unprecedented world record."

MKO was itself well aware of the apocryphal exaggeration it had woven as an adopted propaganda blitz against Iran. Rarely any news agency and trusted news reporter trust what MKO reveals, as a simple calculation of what is given as facts proves to be nothing more that distortion.

Imagine that, as Ynetnews quotes, everyday 2,600 people were sent to prison in Iran and there is no report of how many were released. Then, what would happen to a population of nearly 70 million after a few years and how many prisons and guards are needed to house the prisoners and to watchdog?

No doubt, in Iran, like any other country, there are prisons. But who can believe that a long existing terrorist cult posing as pro-democratic has structured an Alcatraz named Ashraf in Iraq wherein all insiders and combatants of freedom, as the organization claims, are held prisoners and whose cries hardly reaches the world outside?

mojahedin.ws    26/12/2006

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