MKO former members

  • MEK ex-membersA meeting of Ancient Iran, Glorious Future

    A meeting of Ancient Iran, Glorious Future

    deliberation on the current conditions of Mojahedin after the removal of the EU terrorist entities’ list, current developments of the Ashraf Garrison and reflection of the imminent outcomes of Masood Rajavi’s recent message.

  • MEK ex-membersSweetness  of Freedom

    Sweetness of Freedom

    Sweetness of Freedom

  • MEK ex-membersOn the wedding of Mr. Jamil Bassam

    On the wedding of Mr. Jamil Bassam

    Nejat Society congratulates Mr. Jamil Bassam and his wife on their wedding...The cult of Mujahedin challenging the individuals rights, is trying to sacrifice humanitarian identity for organizational identity. So as they alter individuals into robots and thus exploiting them.Everyone and with any reason it may…

  • MEK ex-membersNejat Society on MBC

    Nejat Society on MBC

    Some of the defectors of MEK are trying to convince the others to return home and enjoy the granted public amnesty. The cries of wailing families who have been expecting such a day, their anxiety will end in a few minutes that last as years.…

  • MEK ex-membersMujahedin Organizational Contradictions

    Mujahedin Organizational Contradictions

    How do the Mujahedin cult leaders allow themselves to enter the individuals’ private personal space and manipulate them by psychological methods? I didn’t agree the divorce and marriage of Maryam Rajavi ..when I was in Camp Ashraf I stated my defection from MKO/PMOI, so I…

  • MEK ex-membersCamp Ashraf survivors letter to Iraqi PM

    Camp Ashraf survivors letter to Iraqi PM

    Camp Ashraf survivors deliver a letter for Iraqi PM during a meeting in Iraqi Embassy in Paris...As part of the Iraqi government's drive to remove the MKO/PMOI from Iraqi territory, we believe it is vitally important to re-create a place similar to the American camp…

  • MEK ex-membersMujahedin’s Mechanical exploitation over members

    Mujahedin’s Mechanical exploitation over members

    Massoud Rajavi and his wife Maryam Rajavi, the self-appointed ringleaders of the MKO/PMOI intend to balk responsibility in relation to the existed fatal political and ideological fiascoes and impasses. ... The irrefutable crime of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization was to make everyone get training several…

  • MEK ex-membersMEPs intrigued by newly arrived  from Camp Ashraf

    MEPs intrigued by newly arrived from Camp Ashraf

    ... Ms Ebrahimi said she saw Mr Paulo Casaca when he visited Camp Ashraf. We were not allowed to approach him and speak to him, she explained to delegates. If they had somewhere to go, she told delegates, without doubt ninety-nine percent of the people…

  • MEK ex-membersEx-members of MKO among their families

    Ex-members of MKO among their families

    How sweet it is to live within a warm, relaxing atmosphere among your family members.

  • MEK ex-membersAn Urgent Appeal

    An Urgent Appeal

    An Urgent Appeal, for Actions and Initiatives on behalf of Iranians in limbo in Iraq; in Defense of Human Rights and the Right to Asylum ... perhaps no story is more tragic than that of the former members of the Iranian Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO),…

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