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US-Backed MEK Again Exposed As An Extremist Cult

And This Is The Group They Want Controlling Iran

The publication of the documented report on the MEK’s “Secretive” camp in Albania by the New York Times made a flow of reactions in the media since it is virtually the first time that an outlet of the mainstream American media that questions the presence of the group in Albania.

The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show of the Last American Vagabond website analyzes the NY’s report revealing the US’s hypocritical approach towards the world’s most controversial issues like terrorism, democracy and elections. The host of the show criticizes the US and Israel for their double standards to use the cult-like MEK terrorists in their hostile policies against Iran.

As Ryan accurately puts, the double standards of the US government includes not only the issues of elections and democracy but also forced hijab which is severely practices inside the MEK base. He also notices the hypocrisy of the US in dealing with notorious dictatorships like Saudi Arabia compared with the Islamic Republic.

By  Last American Vagabond

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Eli February 19, 2020 - 2:53 PM

An excellent piece on the US hypocrisy


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