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Europe Slaps MKO in the Face

After two months of futile noises by the gang of Rajavi on a ruling by Europe’s Court of First Instance, eventually the Economic and Financial Affairs Council announced its decision, that it holds the decision of 2006 of the EU to freeze the properties and assets of terrorist MKO.

This Council announced on January 31 that according to the ruling of the court it would provide the MKO with reasons of freezing its assets.

The Council also stated that it would give a month to the MKO to present documents to defend itself before the Council announces the final decision.*

By this weak ruling, for which the group had spend 4 years and thousands of dollars, the stupid propaganda system of MKO wanted to boost the morale of its desparate members. However, it has been seriously challenged by being asked to present documents. Without referring to its terrorist history, the group was from the beginning trying to present unreal political reasons and accuse the EU and Clinton Administration in order to save itself.

Following the publication of recent statement by the ECOFIN Council, the MKO was confused and called it a puzzle. The group is now facing a wave of desperation among members, who had been influenced by the psychological situation on the ruling of the Court of First Instance.

Bringing Rajavi to the scene and continuous congratulations from Auver to Ashraf and from Ashraf to Auver was part of psychological war (of MKO’s Gestapo) against the captive members in Camp Ashraf.

Now, for a thousandth time, it has been proved that the noises made by the cult of Rajavi were all void and were meaningful only in the framework of their psychological war.



* http://www.consilium.europa.eu/ueDocs/newsWord/en/ecofin/92591.doc


Irandidban –  2007/02/03

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