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Terrorists do not need visas; they are already welcomed in Albania

Over 1500 signatures after 9 days

MEK terrorists in Albania

A petition was launched by Nejat Society of Iran on behalf of the suffering families of Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, Rajavi cult) members urging the Albanian government to allow these families to contact their loved ones trapped in the MEK camp. Link below:


This petition concludes:

“We urge the Albanian government and the ministry of foreign affairs to issue visas to the suffering families on humanitarian grounds to allow them to travel to Albania and help them visit their loved ones in the MEK camp.”

nejat families petition

Signatures on the petition have well exceeded 1500 after just 9 days and are rapidly increasing. The daily list of signatories and their locations is forwarded to the Albanian authorities.

This has, of course, alarmed the MEK since like all other destructive mind control cults, the leaders are scared to death of the families of the cult’s members. They know that familial emotions will counter their brainwashing practices on the members.

A few days after the campaign was launched, the MEK fearfully reacted on April 23, 2020 in its website ‘Iran Probe’ with a lengthy article titled: “Iranian regime is campaigning for Albanian entry visas for its terrorists”.

The article is a stream of fabricated lies trying to persuade the Albanians not to issue visas for the families.

This shows how much the presence of the families is a nightmare for Massoud and Maryam Rajavi, the cult leaders.

MEK terrorist cult was expelled from Iraq and admitted into their country by the Albanian government in 2016 and located in a remote, isolated camp. Security experts have always considered this a security threat for Albania as well as for Europe. The MEK presence has also been regarded a negative point for Albania as it tries to become a member of the EU.

The MEK camp, which holds the terrorists imported from Iraq, is entirely and secretly run by the cult’s leaders. Albanian officials have no jurisdiction over it. The inhabitants have no access to, or contact with, the outside world, particularly with their friends and families.

MEK terrorists in Albania

The truth is that the genuine terrorists are already welcomed and living in Albania and they do not need visas.

Those who are denied entry and deprived of contacting their loved ones are old mothers and fathers who have not seen or had any contact with their children for decades.
The Albanian government should pay attention to the just request of the families and enable them to contact their loved ones.

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