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MKO’s So-Called Legal Claims Futile

Terrorist group of Mojahedin has published a letter of its lawyers, written in protest to the comments of Iraqi government’s spokesman on group’s expulsion from Iraq.

First, this letter should be considered in the framework of a psychological war by the gang of Rajavi against the Iraqi government and also as an effort to frighten the Iraqi officials.

However, it contains some points that reveal MKO’s efforts to prevent the process of expulsion from Iraq; indeed, it shows the MKO efforts against the government that is determined to expel the group are all futile.

Since the stances of MKO spokespersons are illegal, MKO leaders use expensive lawyers to threaten Iraqi officials. This time also, their lawyer has stressed that there should be no force, but he has also resorted to other leverages that expose the illegality of MKO’s claims. Francois Serres writes:

"Deputy Commander of Coalition forces in Iraq wrote in his letter to MKO General Secretary, on Feb. 16, 2006, that "Coalition Forces in Iraq are aware of their responsibilities with civilians with respect to Geneva Convention 1949. Particularly, we are bound to the Article 45, according to which transferring a protected person to another country in which he may be bothered because of his political or religious opinions."

MKO lawyers try to hide themselves behind US forces and prevent the Iraqi government from doing their decisions by deception and fraud.

MKO and their lawyers know well that their claims are all worthless and therefore, they resort to the occupiers. However, they don’t know that despite the statements, US forces have given the last word to the MKO leaders in Camp Ashraf and have announced that they won’t be able to stop the Iraqi government.

What’s clear and has been stressed by Iraqi government spokesman Mr. Al-Dabbagh is that the Iraqi government considers international rules in its decision-making processes and by relying on these very rules, it’s emphasizing on the expulsion of Rajavi’s gang from Iraq.


Irandidban –  2007/02/22

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