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MCN TV interview with Aldo Sollulari, media director of ASILA

MCN TV interview with Aldo Sollulari, media director of ASILA

The Albanian MCN TV interviewed Aldo Sollulari, the media director of the Association for the Support of Iranians Living in Albania (ASILA). Sollulari, the Albanian journalist and TV host explained how he got to know the Iranian community in Albania including ASILA. He spoke of the needs and the missions of the association.

Sollulari got acquainted with ASILA via a friend of his who is the interpreter of the association. He was emotionally motivated to join ASILA after he learned about its activities and goals. Then, he decided to professionally work with it.

He says about ASIA, “Since two years ago, ASILA has worked to integrate the Iranians in the Albanian society and it still has some needs to fulfill. They are aimed to support Iranians pursuing their demands to achieve better social and economic conditions.”

MCN TV interview with Aldo Sollulari, media director of ASILA

MCN TV interview with Aldo Sollulari, media director of ASILA

The media director of ASILA also states that these Iranians who have been brought to Albania by the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MEK/ PMOI) and most of them are isolated in a camp in Manez, do not enjoy democracy.

According to him, “A part of residents of the MEK’s camp in Manez who wanted to be free and to enjoy the democracy they thought they would have in Albania, left the group. They founded their social base in Albania and got adapted to the society by turning their passions to careers.”

As the media director of ASILA, Sollulari defines his duty as aiding ASILA to be promoted in media. He continued to speak of the association’s efforts to create interactions between the two countries, Iran and Albania, in particular in the absence of the Iranian embassy in Tirana.

He believes that the Iranian citizens of Albania has not enjoyed the Albanian democracy as they expected before they left the Cult of Rajavi. “Most of those who left the group say in tears that they were not allowed to call their mothers,” he says.

When Aldo Sollulari speaks about mothers of the MEK members who have been awaiting a phone call from their loved child in the group, he talks about Soraya Abdollahi as saying: “I want to introduce a lady called Mother Soraya who has been out many times through conferences and on televisions in Albania, where he asks with tears in his eyes and he says that I have been missing my son’s scent for 30 years.”

Sollulari compares the MEK with narcotic groups that some of them have declared that communication with family is forbidden. According to this Albanian journalist, the restrictions that the MEK has created against emotional relations has exceeded moral boundaries. Restrictions such as prohibition of marriage and having children.”

He notices the fact that MEK leaders have told lies to certain mothers that their children have died because they do not want to leave the slightest hope in the heart of mothers. About his own motivations to cooperate with ASILA, he says, “I personally want to be the voice of those mothers who live in Iran and cannot come here.”

Criticizing the leaders of the MEK he states, “We live in 2023 and technology has advanced. why do some organizations forbid telephone communication? Mr. Rajavi who is the leader of this group, for those who do not know, has forbidden family relationships.”

Media director of ASILA believes that ASILA has been successful in achieving a part of its objectives to integrate the community it represents into economic and social life in the best way.

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