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The clash in Manzë, the well-known journalist comes out with a strong statement

The Albanian government wants to renegotiate...

The Albania police takes control of the MEK Camp Ashraf 3

The SPAK Special Prosecutor’s Office yesterday ordered the State Police to carry out checks in the mujahedin camp in Manzë.

The controls in question brought a strong reaction from the residents of this camp, who clashed with the law enforcement, while 15 officers were injured, also from the ranks of the mujahedin.

Regarding this event, the journalist Lavdrim Lita in a television interview said that after what happened the day before in the Manza camp, the Albanian government wants to renegotiate the agreement with the Mujahideen.

“I think that the Albanian Government is moving towards a renegotiation of the agreement with the Mujahideen.

And all that spectacle with drones and cameras was a diplomatic necessity to renegotiate the issue.

Of course, from the operational plan, it was known that there would be problems, as it is known that those people are also trained in the military and know how to act in such cases.

And of course SPAK or other law enforcement institutions have had suspicions of illegal activity within Manza, because it is thought that there were servers from which there could have been attacks on Iran or other countries, attacks that were launched from Manza. There have been similar complaints since attacks on third countries were launched from Manza.

Of course, we do not have laboratories powerful enough to decipher the codes used, which may require more time to decipher them. But of course, Albania is within its right to apply similar controls.

In my opinion, the residents of Manza, that is, those of the MEK, are not all criminals, and as such they cannot be judged collectively”, said journalist Lavdrim Lita.


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