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Nejat NewsLetter NO.18



  1. Delayed Happy New Year
  2. How Desperate can you get to…
  3. Gordon Brown: No evidence that MKO has given up terror
  4. Baroness Nicholson: MKO still on terror is list in UK
  5. Brainwashing: Crime against Humanity
  6. Documents of 16000 victims of MKO presented to MEPs
  7. Failed abduction of Iranian family in Iraq by the MKO
  8. Iranian Pen Club letter to the ICRC
  9. McCormack: MEK is considered a terrorist organization
  10. Neocons find new exile group patsies to push war with Iran
  11. MKO supporter undermines efforts
  12. EU keeps MKO on its terror list
  13. EP delegation to Iran visits Nejat Society


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