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Nejat NewsLetter NO.19


1.    Iraqi Ministry of HR: NGO should facilitate safe exit from Iraq

2.    British Gov. Answers to the Lord of TerrorNejat News Letter

3.    Can. Gov. says Parents of Girl Trapped in Rajavi Cult are in danger

4.    Those who fought their own people

5.    Iraqi TV documentary about MKO’s Canadian Hostages in Iraq

6.    Seminar on Releasing Captives of MKO terrorist Cult

7.    Massoud Khodabandeh replies and Alseyassiah explains

8.    MKO! Let our children go!

9.    UK not convinced at claim MKO has renounced terrorism

10. Former MKO seeking refuge in Western countries

11. Terrorists in search identity

12. MKO terror group engaged in hostile action towards the US forces.

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