Iraqi official:MKO terrorists sighted among British troops

Iraqi official: Mojahedin Khalq (Rajavi cult) terrorists sighted among British troops in American uniforms a week after Britain took them off its list of terror

British marines seen near Iran border

Roughly 60 British marines have been seen patrolling along Iraq’s border with Iran near the Shalamcheh border crossing, sources have said.

"Close to 60 British marines were seen patrolling near the Iranian border of Shalamcheh in groups of 20, carryig light weapons and with the apparent intention of monitoring the condition of the sealed border crossing," sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity told PRESS TV.

The Iraqi government officially closed the Shalamcheh border crossing in Iran’s southwestern Khuzestan province on April 24.

These British units are deployed along the Iraqi border with Iran, using Apache helicopters, the sources said.

Over 300 American and British forces are currently stationed some 10 km from the Iranian border of Shalamcheh in the Iraqi town of Tanumeh.

Members of the terrorist group, the Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO), have reportedly been sighted among them in American uniforms.


Press TV, May 10, 2008


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