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PMOI creates sedition among Iraqis

MKO terrorist organization plays an active role in provoking sectarian conflicts between Iraqi people. The group with some terrorist entities has set up headquarters in Camp Ashraf northeast of Baghdad and provides material support to terrorists in Diyala province in addition to holding seminars with some Iraqi tribes and Clan elders in the province. The terrorist group is also engaged in broadcasting news that make the country unstable, when the news say that the United Iraqi Alliance party carried out widespread fraud in Baghdad previous vote and that the party has prevented Alfeli Kurds from voting. MKO at the same time attacks Iraqi national government elected by the people of Iraq. They accuse the police forces and Interior Ministry with putting obstacles before the Alfelian Kurds voting and underline these events will occur in every coming election.

Considerable is how come this terrorist organization finds interest in defending the voting rights of certain categories of the Iraqi people despite the fact that the history of this organization is known for hitting the Iraqi people in the north of Iraq and their bloody hands in massacre of Kurds and beating Iraqi citizens merely because they were passing by the door of their former headquarters based in Andalusia Square and at the same time trying to create a crisis between Iraq and the neighboring countries with false charges especially in the election, when propagating that Iran has sent trucks loaded with forged voting papers to the south of Iraq and Diyala province. However there is no evidence of where these trucks are and why they did not appear in the Iraqi TV channels and why the claimed arrested truck drivers are not shown to public.

These false propagandas MKO makes against the Iraqi elected government is based on nothing but evil terrorist intentions of this terrorist cult and they must be prosecuted for the following reasons:

1- Interfering in Iraq’s affairs, meetings and conferences with terrorist entities within Iraq and support for terrorists, causing the deterioration of the security situation in Iraq.

2- Involvement with the war crimes of the former tyrant, striking the Iraqi people in northern and southern Iraq and hit neighboring countries as Kuwait, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

3- Dissemination of information against the Iraqi people and try to create sectarian strife and sedition between the sons of one people.

4- Discredit the elected government and its Ministry.

5- Issuing newspaper without the consent of the prime minister in Iraq and the Iraqi parliament’s approval.

6- Recruiting some Iraqi journalists, athletes and some tribal elders in Iraq to stand against Iraq and the Iraqi people.

We as Iraqis address the UN Security Council and the Organization for Human Rights and the neighboring countries and multinational forces in Iraq to issue a statement to the Iraqi government by taking out the terrorist organization from Iraq after the prosecution by the Criminal Court of Iraq.

And the Arab League to meddle! In this issue and address all the Arab countries not to accept this terrorist organization on its territory.

Al Najaf News


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