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Nejat Society in London

A delegation from Nejat Society travelled to London in December,2008.

During their visit to London,(including former members and families) delegates of Nejat NGO will pursue the case of Mujahedin-e-Khalq  members in Camp Ashraf Iraq via their meetings with human rights organizations and western policy makers and media. The news of Nejat delegation’s trip to London was covered by various News agencies and websites.

Nejat’ s main demand includes opening the gates of Ashraf to families and the handover of those captured.  

Below is the link to some of the newsagencies covered the trip and the mission of Nejat Society to London.




Iraq Updates

Yahoo News

News Blaze

Sun Herald

Examiner National

Red Orbit

Market Watch

The EArth Times

Defense Daily


abc Directly

On Demand Enterprise

bNet United Kingdom

Military Industry Today

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