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Camp Ashraf attack was the MKO criminals ending

Mr.Hahsemi Nezhad in an interview with Fars News Agency:
Camp Ashraf attack was the MKO criminals ending

Fars News Agency: pointing out the recent attack on camp Ashraf Secretary General of Habilian Association said: This is the end of criminal MKO work because Americans have abandoned them too.

In an interview with political correspondent of Fars news club Seyyed Mohammad Javad Hashemi Nezhad pointed out the unambiguous fate of MKO and said: They wanted to impose their conditions on the Iraqi government, but no country would be ready to allow a part of its soil be occupied by a number of terrorists.

He underlined the necessity of exerting sovereignty by the Iraqi government and said: So far, the Iraqi government has taken a soft line because of Americans.

Secretary General of Habilian Association underlined the Iraqi government’s willpower for putting an end to the existence of this terrorist group in this country and said: MKO is a terrorist organization and no government is willing to accept it.

He added: "These terrorists have committed numerous crimes in Iraq’s soil which is no less than their terrorist operations in Iran and now Iraqis demand with strong motivation their expulsion from Iraq.

Son of martyr Hashemi Nezhad then referred to MKO lack of any bases among Iranian people and said: Iran never considers MKO important and wants it be dissolved like any other criminal organization and its criminal leaders be tried.

The expert in the affairs of MKO also referred to the statements of one of MKO leaders in France who had asked for guarantee from the Iranian government for the entrance of MKO members in the country in groups and said: MKO is not in a position it could determine any conditions.
Hashemi Nezhad added: Even the sponsors of this organization refrain from accepting them in their countries let alone Iran.

He pointed to conditions for granting asylum by the Red Cross and added: MKO was disarmed by Americans by violence and today encounter Iraqi forces with violence which shows their evil nature of violence and terrorism.

He continued: They want to impose themselves on the Iraqi government but as an independent government the Iraqi government seriously demands return of occupied garrison of Ashraf.
Hashemi Nezhad also pointed to the recent statements of American officials and said: these statements are merely propaganda.

He added: MKO tried after the occupation of Iraq to impose themselves on Americans as efficient espionage force; But Americans have now understood that this group has no place in Iran and won’t be useful for Americans too.

He also underlined the necessity of keeping alive MKO brutalities and crimes and said: those who have suffered from MKO terrorist operations must be provided with facilities to reflect these crimes in the world and let the public opinion understand that what shocking crimes in Iran and Iraq has happened due to their support for terrorism.

Son of martyr Hashemi Nezhad went on and said: The activities in the field of disclosing MKO crimes should continue to prevent the terrorist elements of this group be present in different communities in any disguise or under the cover of any front organizations.

He added: Western countries’ neglect is the main cause of MKO presence in different communities; but there are some who are totally unaware of MKO crimes and nature and support this terrorist cult merely for their own political purposes and because they lack better leverage to pressure Iran.

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