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KRG officers: MKO slamming Iranian shelling is futile

Kirkuk, June 3 (AKnews) – The Iranian government resistence organization, Mojahedine Khalqe Iran (MKI), slamed the Iranian bombardment of Kurdistan territories in a declaration on June 1, asking the international bodies to react against the transgression, while Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) officials believed that the statement is of no consequences. …

Kurds, along with the Iraqi Federal Government expect their neighbors to respect the territorial sovereignty of our homeland, according to Falah Mustafa, KRG Chief for Foreign Relations.
“Both Iraqi Ministry of Defense and KRG have taken positive steps in calling Iran halt its bombardments against our region”, Mustafa said.…

“The statement by MKI is just an extension of their efforts against all the policies of Iran, whatever they could be”, the Chief for Kurdistan Strategic Studies Centre, Farid Asasard told AKnews, noting that this is not the first time the organization releases such declarations.

Any attempt by this organization to thaw relations with Kurds will be overlooked for they do not enjoy the blessing of Kurds”, Asasard argued, explaining “Because in suppressing the Kurdish uprising, this organization supported the fallen Baathists regime.

This statement cannot wash away their stained vision in the memory of the Kurdish people”, he believed. …

MKI, established in 1965 to topple down the then Shah Regime in Iran, conducted a serious of aggressions against some top Iranian personalities between 1980 to 1990, when it came to be recognized more as a militant sect. It was blacklisted as a terrorist organization by the US and Europe in 2001. However, in 2009 Europe agreed to restore the legitimacy to the organization.
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