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The Absurd Mission of the EU for Catherine Ashton

According to the informed political and international sources, lack of a strong determination and the appearance of twofold approaches in the global fight against terrorism have been the most important reasons for the delay in the process of eradicating terrorism and expansion of this ominous phenomenon. Meanwhile the supports made for MKO by some western governments is indeed the obvious example of such selective ways for fighting against terrorism. Along with this new method, currently some European bodies and governments like the EU Parliament have voiced support for terrorism.

Following this process last week a number of EU Parliamentarians signed a resolution urging EU Foreign Policy Chief, Catherine Ashton, to force US Department of State to de-list MKO from the FTO list of the USA. Such a step had been taken while a few months ago an American appeals court ordered the US Department of State to reconsider the MKO’s designation which was strongly rejected by US State Department. In fact, the current process of supporting the terrorist organization of MKO is occurring without considering its dangerous consequences for global community; this would finally lead to the expansion of antihuman measures of this organization and other terrorist groups.

In addition similar measures have completely revealed the false claims of some governments about the global fight against terrorism and proved that their fight is based on the political interests of their countries even if such interests cause them to ignore the realities.
However, MEP’s request from EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton to force US Department of State to de-list MKO from the FTO list of the USA is quite surprising. In effect none of the European governments nor the USA pays such importance for MKO to discuss about it in a such a high level, therefore it is quite obvious that stating such issues is just playing with a valueless piece like MKO against Iran. There is no doubt that this request would be forgotten in the future days and provide just the opportunity for a propaganda play by opposition groups.

If the EU parliamentarians actually intended to find the truth and understand the realities, they could take a look at the inter-cult relations in this group and see how the members of this organization have been deprived from their primary human rights including having a spouse or a child. How they have gone under brainwashing and mind manipulation techniques. They could even take a look at international documents which have unanimously recognized MKO a terrorist organization. Human Rights Watch report of May 2005 and 2009 RAND report along with the report issued by German Office for Federal Constitution are among such documents which have been published based on the realities found and witnessed.

The support voiced by European Parliament would certainly hit a blow to the European society in future and the Europe must wait for a day similar to the 17, 18 and 19 June 2003 in which MKO members were forced to set themselves on fire. Yes, Europe would witness such disasters in which European citizens will lose their lives and properties.

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