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Families of Terrorism Victims Protest Letter to the UN Secretary General

Iranian families of terrorism victims sent a letter to the UN Secretary General and called for the immediate action of this international organization for fighting against terrorism

His Excellency Ban Ki-moon
United Nations Secretary-General
New York
United States of America

Your Excellency,
Terrorist attack of Chabahar, Sistan and Balouchestan province of Iran, in which at least 37 people, mostly women and children, were killed once more, proved that terrorist groups would never abandon their inhumane acts and therefore the threat and danger posed by such groups would always overshadow the global community.

Your Excellency,
What happened in Chabahar city was the consequence of long-term support made for terrorist organizations by some governments due to temporary, political interests along with years of silence and passivity of international organizations before terrorist groups. Although such terrorist groups are well known all over the world, they continue their brutal antihuman acts without any obstacle and easily take the lives of innocent people in the most violent forms.

There was a two-month-old baby among the victims of Chabahar terrorist attack; undoubtedly all of the governments or international organizations which support terrorist groups or keep silence against their terrorist measures are responsible in his murder. Iran’s Justice Supporters Association comprising the families of 16000 victims of terrorism, condemning this savage act of terrorists, asks for the United Nations as the most important international organization, to take a serious and practical step based on its commitments stated in UN Charter, for preventing the occurrence of such events. United Nation should plan appropriate mechanisms for recognizing and identifying the perpetrators, facilitators and supporters of terrorist groups in order to administer justice against all involved in anti-human measures.

Undoubtedly, intensifying some measures, based on the United Nations Security Resolutions 1373 and 1535, in confronting with states or international bodies which directly or indirectly support terrorist groups, would be very effective and significant in this regard and could even prevent the occurrence of similar incidents. This Association may ask for Your Excellency’s call for the swift steps for fighting against terrorist groups and suppressing this ominous phenomenon of the third millennium.
Yours Respectfully,

Rouhollah Rostami
CEO and Board Member
Justice Supporters Association

– Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director

Edalat Society, Tehran

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