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Open letter to Mrs. Jane Holl Lute

Dear Mrs Holl Lute, Special Adviser to the UN Secretary General for the Relocation of Camp Hurriya (aka Liberty) Residents Outside of Iraq, please accept our warm greetings as former members of the PMOI.

Mrs Holl LuteWe hope that you complete your mission successfully and very quickly because of the hardship and misery which each one of us tolerated and endured in the PMOI and for the sake of our friends who are still trapped and stuck in this notorious organization.

We, separated members and critics, know very well that because of the egoism of the PMOI leadership and by invoking the fanatical principles of their ideology, the PMOI leadership will try its best to keep those miserable and trapped members in Iraq until they die, and that, as a matter of fact, the leadership welcomes their deaths because they know that the majority of PMOI members, especially the rank and file of this organization, will become their critics as soon as they reach the free world. For that reason we would like to help you in your mission as much as possible.

Mrs Holl Lute, breaking the cult-like and organizational barriers is the basis and fundamental prelude to the release, rescue and exit of those stranded and trapped members in Iraq. The PMOI leadership has robbed them of their ability to think for themselves and make decisions on their own behalf.

Your interlocutors for the rescue mission from Iraq should rightly be the individual members and not the organization and its self-appointed representatives, but because of the problems and obstacles which we would like to discuss with you, any discussion individually with those trapped members may be out of reach at present because all those members are made to obey their leaders’ orders regarding this matter.

We would like to share our experiences with you regarding this subject and how you might best approach this problem.

We wish you every success in your humanitarian mission and we eagerly follow your endeavours and activities in this regard.

Separated members and critics of the PMOI.

21 January 2014


1.Mohammad Karami

2. Hassan Piransar

3. Batul Soltani

4. Saba Shekar Beyghi

5. Mohsen Mahdavi

6. M. Barazandeh

7. Hamid Sistani

8. Mahmoud Sepahi

9. Mehrdad Sagharchi

10. Ghorbanali Hossein nejad

11. Hassan Azizi

12. Seyed Amir movasaghi

13. Alireza Mirasghari

14. Edward Termado

15. Behzad Alishahi

16. Toraj Amiri

17. Massoud Khodabandeh

18. Shirzad Jalili

19. Majid Rohi

20. Niaz Salimi

21. Shamim Rabiee

22. Anne Singelton

23. Bahiee Jeylani

24. Nasrin Ebrahimi

25. Zahra Al Sadat Mirbagheri

26. Homeyra Mohammad Nejad

27. Mahtab Alipour

28. Zahra Moini

29. Mona Hossein Nejad

30. B- Amiri

31. Visha Madej

32. Ahmad Mohammadi

33. Arash Sameti pour

34. Ali Khatami

35. Saeed Soltanpour

36. Ali Ghashghavi

37. Ali Jahani

38. Hamid Dehdar

39. Ehsan Bidi

40. Mehdi Khoshhal

41. Hassan Khalag

42. Jafar Ebrahimi

43. Hamid Yosefi

44. Vahid Saidi

45. Adel Azami

46. Ali akbar Rastgo

47. Mitra Yousefi

48. Massoud Jabani

49. Mohammadreza Najarian kermani

50 . Homayon Kahzadi

51 . Mirbagher Sedaghi

52 .Ghafour Fatahyian

53-Reza Fani Yazdi

54. kobra Kobra

55. Mehdi Sajoudi

56. Ronak Eyazi

57. Hamed Shirmardi

58 . Mehdi Nikbakht

59.Shahrouz Tajbakhsh

Copies to

– Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon – New York

– UN High Commissioner for Human Rights at the United Nations, Ms Nawi Pillay – Geneva

– Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Iraq, Mr Nikola Mladenov

– Chairman of the human rights monitoring in the UNAMI in Iraq, Mr Ashouri

– Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the United Nations in Iraq

– Ashraf-Liberty Project Office in the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the United Nations in Camp Liberty – Mr Ahmed Al-Tamimi

– The International Committee of the Red Cross

– Office of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Baghdad

– Office of the Prime Minister of Iraq

– The Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights

– Amnesty International

-Human Rights Watch

Faryade Azadi, Paris

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